about us

FEMMEmphis began with two sisters wishing there were more opportunities for women in the Memphis theater community (and beyond). In the 2016-2017 season, out of 126 productions from 7 major companies throughout the city, 7 were written by a female playwright, 8 had a female director, and leading roles for women were few and far between. At every audition we found ourselves throwing side eye at each of our friends, as we sat in a room full of talented women and all hoped for the same thing - that one decent female role of the season. Rather than fighting over a few rare opportunities a year, we should instead be finding ways to collaborate, learning from each other and building one another up. 

We recognize how fortunate we are to have such a vibrant artistic community here in Memphis and to be surrounded by so many talented female artists. We also recognize a lack of opportunities for women to shine, develop our craft, and try something new. FEMMEmphis was founded to provide those opportunities and to encourage female representation and community among Memphis artists.   

Our goals for the collective include:

*Produce art written by, directed by, designed by, built by, managed by, and performed by women.

*Actively pursue diversity in all artistic endeavors

*Create a stronghold of support for women to tell their stories and to create new work, in addition to participating in previously established artistic institutions within the community

*Smash the artistic patriarchy!


We are so excited to bring you new works and unique artistic experiences that amplify the female voice. With your help, we can continue to afford performance venues, rehearsal spaces, and all of the technical elements that go into producing and marketing a show. We greatly appreciate your support as we embark on this journey!

Co-founders, Rae & Jamie Boller