Paula Vogel's



Paula Vogel sent out a call to action, and we were thrilled to answer! On President's Day, February 19, artists across the country simultaneously performed short, new works - all based on Alfred Jarry's absurd satire Ubu Roi as well as our current political climate. These short works could take different creative forms - plays, songs, poems, monologues, stand-up acts, etc. - but all had been written in no more than 48 hours, and all had several ingredients in common (most notably, "Pa Ubu 45: supposedly 6'3", a trim 239 lbs, in 'excellent health'. And yes, the hair is his and real.")

We were honored to host a local bake-off  for female artists in the Memphis area to participate in the national movement!

As Paula says, "It is better than stewing at home. The motto is Fight Sh#*^ with Merdre." Click here to read the full press release on


Monday, February 18th

7pm - 9pm

the university of Memphis

Arts & Communication Building

ROOM 250