No Minced Words

A 48 Hour Playwrighting Experiment

May 20, 2017


The concept for this mini play-fest was inspired by Pulitzer-Prize-winning playwright Paula Vogels' Bake Off writing exercise, meant to help writers "get out of their own way." By providing a few guidelines to spark imagination and, most importantly, a short deadline, writers are forced to eliminate any self-censorship that might otherwise inhibit creativity. The results are often surprising and always rewarding. In May 2017, eight incredibly talented women took our recipe of "rules" and less than two days to craft new original works. With a few short hours for rehearsal (in a studio showcasing extraordinary pieces from four local female artists) another equally talented group of women gave voice to each new play in an evening of staged readings. It was our goal with this event to provide a space and opportunity for women to share their stories. Though drawn from similar sources of inspiration, eight distinct works were created, each with a unique perspective and voice. The result was an evening of entertaining and truly compelling theater!



Many thanks to Frost Bake Shop and Another Roadside Attraction for their generous and delicious donations, and to Jess Vandenberg for her amazing graphic design work!


48-hour 10-min playfest recipe

Combine the following two common ingredients:

  • An unsuccessful deus ex machina
  • Mutual Mustaches

Randomly select and mix in a unique third ingredient:

  • The Theatrics of Power
  • All Four Seasons
  • A Red Stain
  • A Face Peering Through A Window
  • A Mistaken Identity
  • An Extraction
  • An Elephant in the Room
  • An Alter Ego

Bake for 41 Hours.

Don't mince words.

Playwrights also drew inspiration from a common image, incorporating the below painting into each of their scenes.

Rogue Wave , Emily Mae Smith

Rogue Wave, Emily Mae Smith


  • Leslie Barker
  • Lena Wallace Black
  • Jamie Boller
  • Renee Davis Brame
  • Emily Draffen
  • Brianna Hill
  • Meredith Melville
  • Courtney Sage


  • Lena Wallace Black
  • Rae Boller
  • Renee Davis Brame
  • Kim Justis Eikner
  • Christina Hernandez
  • Jessica Otis
  • Lyric Peters Malkin
  • Ashley Trevathan
  • Kristin Vandervort


  • Tan Collier
  • Devin Picchi
  • Julia Hinson
  • Erin Shelton

check out some of the scripts below!