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Memphis, TN

The mission of FEMMEmphis is to champion all womyn by empowering and promoting the female, female-presenting, and gender-queer artistic voices in the Memphis community.


We're taking part in..

Paula Vogel's



Paula Vogel sent out a call to action, and we are excited to answer! On President's Day, February 19, artists across the country will simultaneously perform short, new works - all based on Alfred Jarry's absurd satire Ubu Roi as well as our current political climate. These short works can take different creative forms - plays, songs, poems, monologues, stand-up acts, etc. - but all will have been written in no more than 48 hours, and all will have several ingredients in common (most notably, "Pa Ubu 45: supposedly 6'3", a trim 239 lbs, in 'excellent health'. And yes, the hair is his and real.")

Together with the University of Memphis Department of Theatre & Dance, we will be hosting a local bake-off so that female artists in the Memphis area can participate in the national movement!


On Monday February 19, join us for an evening of experimental, fun, fast-paced, female-fueled, freshly baked resistance art! (Did we mention admission is free and there will be freshly baked cookies to boot?)

As Paula says, "It is better than stewing at home. The motto is Fight Sh#*^ with Merdre." Click here to read the full press release on Deadline.com.



Monday, February 18th

7pm - 9pm

the university of Memphis

Arts & Communication Building

ROOM 250

free admission


Click here for Paula's list of ingredients!

Click here for additional resources and to read Ubu Roi!



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