Artist Collective

Memphis, TN

The mission of FEMMEmphis is to champion and empower the feminine artistic voice in the Memphis community. We aim to provide artistic opportunities and safe, creative spaces for all - cis, trans, gender fluid, non-binary.



Next spring, FEMMEmphis is turning the classic princess tale on its head. No more damsels in distress, we’re featuring fierce female figures of history! Poets, scientists, artists, computer programmers, political activists, entrepreneurs, pioneers, leaders and more!


Join us at auditions to be a part of one of three small ensembles. Each cast will collaborate with one another and a FEMMEmphis director, exploring unique narrative styles, writing and performing their own one-act, and shining a spotlight on their favorite trailblazers and heroes.

All three pieces will be performed February 15-17 and February 22-24 at Germantown Community Theater.

AUDITION DATES: December 8 & 9 10:30AM-12:30PM

AUDITION VENUE: Germantown Community Theater Rehearsal Hall

REHEARSALS: January 5 – February 14

PERFORMANCE DATES: February 15-17 and 22-24

PERFORMANCE VENUE: Germantown Community Theater

CASTING: Girls Ages 13-18

Auditions will consist of cold readings and brief writing prompts.

Interested in writing, but not performing? Have some questions? Send us a note at or contact us HERE.

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