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Memphis, TN

The mission of FEMMEmphis is to champion all women+ by empowering and promoting the female, female-presenting, and gender-queer artistic voices in the Memphis community.


2018-05-04 - Desdemona - Facebook Event cover - v01.png

As the wrongly accused and suffering wife of Shakespeare's tragic Moor, Othello, Desdemona has long been viewed as the "victim of circumstance." But as Pulitzer Prize-winner Paula Vogel demonstrates in her comic deconstruction of Shakespeare's play - aligning tongue-in-cheek humor while raising serious questions as to the role of women through the ages - Desdemona was far from the quivering waif we've all come to know. 



Friday, June 8 @ 8PM

Saturday, June 9 @ 8PM

Sunday, June 10 @ 6PM

Friday, June 15 @ 8PM

Saturday, June 16 @ 8PM

Saturday, June 16 @ 10:30PM (Pay-What-You-Can)

Sunday, June 17 @ 6PM



Desdemona - Jillian Barron

Emilia - Julia Baltz

Bianca - Layne Crutsinger


Director: Aliza Moran

Set Design: Kim Britt

Light Design: Fallon Williams

Original Music: Crown Vox

Producers: Rae and Jamie Boller

Stage Manager: Meredith Serna

Props: Laurie Boller

Costumes: Amie Eoff

Poster Design: Sarah Rushakoff

 Art by Jess Kirk

Art by Jess Kirk


A new work, devised and directed by Leslie barker

July 20-29, 2018

University of Memphis Lab theatre

From the fantastical world of fairy-tales to the all-to-real political world, being “pretty” is something that is expected of all of us. (Am I right, my women?) We dare to say that just about every woman on the planet has stumbled, even if only for a moment, into a pit of insecurity because of her looks – hips that are too big, boobs too small, acne, gray hair, unibrow, too short, too tall…We all know the drill. But we also dare to believe that women are on new path – a path that embraces beauty of all sorts of shapes and more colors than the biggest box of crayons.

Join us this summer as we turn our culture’s idea of beauty upside down through the creation of a new theatrical piece, PRETTY.

From mirrors and makeup to heartache and scars, we will explore all of it – together.




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