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Artist Collective

Memphis, TN

The mission of FEMMEmphis is to champion and empower the feminine artistic voice in the Memphis community. We aim to provide artistic opportunities and safe, creative spaces for all - cis, trans, gender fluid, non-binary.



Upcoming Auditions

February 21 & 23


2085 Monroe Ave, Memphis, TN 38104


This summer, LoneTree Live and FEMMEmphis present Pants: a new work which dives into the lives of three female-born people who assumed a male identity in order to survive:

  • Dr. James Barry, born in 1789 Ireland as Margaret Ann Bulky, left home at age 13 disguised as a young man, attended medical school in Edinburgh, and quickly became one of Queen Victoria’s premier physicians.

  • Ellen Craft (born 1826) was a light-skinned African American slave. Accompanied by her husband, Ellen bravely journeyed North to freedom - disguising herself as a white slave owner.

  • Marina the Monk’s story survives today mostly as legend. She was thought to have been born in either the 5th or 8th century, raised in what is today Kadisha Valley of Lebanon. In order to escape being sold off in marriage, Marina disguised herself as a man and joined a monastery with her father. After her father’s death, Marina was later accused of rape and forced to leave the abbey and care for the woman’s child.

By weaving together these true tales, additional historical context, and our own experiences of masculinity and femininity in today’s society, Pants aims to explore the effects of the gender binary - and more! Through the creative use of movement, voice, and technology, an ensemble of artists will collectively create a brand-new theatrical piece.

Where do we learn to perform, or wear, gender? Why were women at one time legally restricted from wearing pants? What are some of the cultural differences regarding gender and appearances? Do women find greater success when they act more “masculine”? How can we challenge the concept of the gender binary?

Interested in embarking on this gender journey and being a part of our ensemble?

Put on your pants and join us for auditions February 21 and 23!



Concept and Direction by Julia Hinson

Seeking: 6 Humans

Show Dates: June 21-24, 27-30

Research and Development Period: April 8 - May 5

Rehearsal Period: June 3 - June 20

Auditions: February 21 @ 7PM and February 23 @ 3PM TheatreWorks, 2085 Monroe avenue

No writing or devising experience necessary, only enthusiasm and willingness to play! Auditions will consist of cold readings and exercises led by the director.


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